About Me

I am Mojtaba Shabanzadeh. From the age of 14 I was very interested in computer science, especially 3D design and I constantly spent my time learning, gaining experience and putting my ideas into practice.

Some of my designs have been published in the best magazine in the world and some of websites. I have been able to put 3D design, programming, visual effects and a combination of these, game development, into action after 18 years of starting my work.

My mission

My effort is to develop the best, in fact digital design is a modern art that has many enthusiasts. As well as programming, which is the sweetest science in the world of technology


The beginning of any progress in the world is research. Any community or individual that invests in research is more successful. The basis of exploration and development is research on that category. I will do my best to achieve the best in this field

Idea Generation

Ideas are generated from the collection of raw information and references New and creative ideas emanate from dynamic minds. I have always tried to present the best ideas in the projects I have been entrusted with and to consult with the client in its implementation.

Design And Develop

Having expertise in the implementation and development of the plan is another and important part of the job.If he is a good performer, designer and developer, he can produce everything that has been researched, collected and his ideas produced in the same way.


After designing and developing the project, it is time to optimize it. If the customer needs to optimize it after watching the work, it will be done in the best possible way. For example, a kitchen whose cabinets are designed in real time and the color of the wood is changed at the request of the customer so the customer can achieve the desired color.

What i do

The 3D design is very enjoyable. In fact, you can visualize your imagination with digital art. Completely realistic or fantasy. On the other hand, programming is very challenging. Programming can always occupy your mind and you can enjoy solving problems. Also, creating visual effects and editing photos and videos is necessary. It can completes the path. The combination of these can create a world that however It's vistual but It's intelligent and can be beautified with visual effects. This is my point of view and my way of progressing in my career


Win, Web, Android, IOS

3D Design

3D Design, 3D Animation

Game Design

Architecture, Stylize

Motion & VFX

Editing, Motion Graphics, VFX